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Laboratory of Confocal Microscopy


Jarosław KORCZYŃSKI (biologist), Artur WOLNY (IT specialist)

The Laboratory of Confocal Microscopy was established in May 2002. This is an open laboratory available to all scientists from Nencki Institute and from other scientific institutions.
The Lab basic equipment is Leica TCS SP2 Spectral Confocal and Multiphoton Microscope. The appliance uses HeNe 633nm; GreNe 543nm; Ar 458nm, 476nm, 488nm, 514nm and Mai Tai IR 780nm – 920nm lasers as the source of light. The microscope is equipped with a unique FLIM system and incubator that makes possible using of photoactivation techniques, ERAP and FLIP in studies living cells. The Laboratory has also Leica Epi-Fluorescence microscope DMI6000B coupled with b/w camera, set of fluorescence filters and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC). Recently our laboratory was enriched with new powerful graphic station and software: Huygens Professional. The service in the Lab may assist users in the field of image processing and analysis as well as the advice and assistance in use of the equipment.
More information about laboratory on the web page

Selected publications of the Department

Konopacki FA, Rylski M, Wilczek E, Amborska R, Detka D, Kaczmarek L, Wilczynski GM (2007) Synaptic localization of seizure-induced matrix metalloproteinase-9 mRNA. Neuroscience, in press.

Okulski P, Jay TM, Jaworski J, Duniec K, Dzwonek J, Konopacki FA, Wilczynski GM, Sanchez-Capelo A, Mallet J, Kaczmarek L (2007) TIMP-1 abolishes MMP-9-dependent long-lasting long-term potentiation in the prefrontal cortex. Biol Psychiatry 62(4), 359-62.

Wilczek E, Rzepko R, Nowis D, Legat M, Golab J, Glab M, Gorlewicz A, Konopacki F, Mazurkiewicz M, Sladowski D, Gornicka B, Wasiutynski A, Wilczynski GM (2007) The possible role of factor H in colon cancer resistance to complement attack. Int J Cancer, in press.

Kołodziejek I, Kozioł-Lipińska J, Wałęza M, Korczyński J, Mostowska A (2007) Aspects of programmed cell death during early senescence of barley leaves – possible role of nitric oxide. Protoplasma, in press.

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Published at: 2007-11-22 10:34

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