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Laboratory of Visual System

Andrzej WRÓBEL

Marek BEKISZ, Jan KAMIŃSKI (PhD student), Ewa KUBLIK, Szymon ŁĘSKI Gabriela MOCHOL (PhD student), Joanna SMYDA (technician), Aleksander SOBOLEWSKI (PhD student), Daniel ŚWIEJKOWSKI, Wioletta WALESZCZYK, Daniel WÓJCIK, Marek WYPYCH (PhD student)

Research profile

Current research in the laboratory focuses on understanding dynamic operations within sensory systems of behaving animals. Using electrophysiological recording techniques and neuroinformatic methods for data analysis we are trying to correlate the activation of specific neuronal networks with its behavioral context. Five parallel projects are under investigation: More information about Laboratory on the web page

Current research activities

  • electrophysiological correlates of visual attention in cats - temporal analysis (frequency, phase and amplitude's envelope) of local field potentials registered from different parts of cat's thalamo-cortical system during behavioral task based on intermingled trials of delayed spatial discrimination of visual or auditory stimuli;
  • information processing in the cortico-thalamic part of the rat's somatosensory system - the role of primary and secondary sensory pathways in different behavioral situations; in vitro electrophysiological investigations of synaptic properties and cellular connections within the cortico-thalamic loop of rodent's somatosensory system;
  • the role of extrageniculate visual pathway in movement perception - electrophysiological and modeling investigations on the spatial and temporal properties of single units' receptive fields in the cat; coding of information in geniculate and extrageniculate visual pathways in the cat - electrophysiological and computational studies on temporal pattern of neuronal activity;
  • development and application of nonlinear and wavelet methods for time series analysis; computational and theoretical studies of models of cortico-thalamic loops in visual and somatosensory systems; white-noise and information theoretical analysis of spike trains; development of new current source density techniques for the analysis of three dimensional data.

Selected publications

Wróbel A, Ghazaryan A, Bekisz M, Bogdan W i Kamiński J (2007) Two streams of attention dependent beta activity in the striate recipient zone of cat's lateral posterior - pulvinar complex. J. Neurosci. 27: 2230-2240.

Young JM, Waleszczyk WJ, Wang C, Calford MB, Dreher B, Obermayer K. (2007) Cortical reorganization consistent with spike timing–but not correlation-dependent plasticity. Nat Neurosci. 10: 887-895.

Łęski S, Wójcik DK, Tereszczuk J, Świejkowski DA, Kublik E, Wróbel A (2007) Inverse Current-Source Density Method in 3D: Reconstruction Fidelity, Boundary Effects, and Influence of Distant Sources. Neuroinformatics. 4: 205-222.

Waleszczyk W. J., Nagy A., Wypych M., Berenyi A., Paróczy Z., Eordegh G., Ghazaryan A., Benedek G., Eysel U. T. 2007. Spectral receptive field properties of neurons in the feline superior colliculus. Exp Brain Res.181 (1): 87-98

Garnier N., Wójcik D. K. (2006) Spatiotemporal chaos: the microscopic perspective, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96: 114101.

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Published at: 2007-11-22 11:06

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