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Laboratory of Physiology of Cell Movements

Stanisław FABCZAK

Marcin BALCERZAK, Cezary BREGIER (PhD student), Hanna FABCZAK, Wojciech GRAJKOWSKI (PhD student), Bożena GROSZYŃSKA (technician), Piotr KOPROWSKI, Andrzej KUBALSKI, Leszek KUŹNICKI (Professor Emeritus), Katarzyna SOBIERAJSKA (PhD student), Anna WASIK

Research profile

Physiological role of phosducin (Phd) and phosducin-like (PhLPs) proteins as regulators of G-protein trunsduction pathway and/or modulators of chaperonin CCT function during folding of cytoskeletal proteins (tubulin, actin) and microtubule assembly in selected ciliates (Blepharisma, Paramecium, Stentor, Tetrahymena). Patch-clamp electrophysiological investigations characterizing the structure and function of mechanosensitive ion channels in Escherichia coli. The role of extracellular factors in dynamics of actin cytoskeleton in Amoeba proteus with the identification and determination of the function of actin binding proteins.

Current research activities

  • studies of the PhLPs function as chaperonin CCT modulator during tubulin folding;

  • elucidation of the consequence of PhLPs gene expression silencing on microtubule assembly, cilia function and ciliate movement parameters;

  • patch-clamp studies on mechanosensitive ion channels from the cytoplasmic membrane of Escherichia coli and investigation of the role of their C-termini in the channel gating;

  • identification of actin binding proteins responsible for actin cytoskeleton reorganization in Amoeba proteus;

  • role of extracellular factors on dynamics of actin cytoskeleton in Amoeba proteus.

Selected publications

Koprowski P., Grajkowski W., Kubalski A. (2007) The MscS cytoplasmic domain and its conformational changes on the channel gating. Curr. Topics in Membranes, vol. 58. Mechanosensitive ion channels. Part A. Owen P. Hamill, ed., 295-309.

Pomorski P., Krzemiński. P., Wasik A., Wierzbicka K., Barańska J., Kłopocka W. (2007)   Actin dynamics in Amoeba proteus motility. Protoplasma 231: 31-41.

Sobierajska K., Fabczak H, Fabczak S. (2007) Phosducin interacts with the G-protein βγ-dimer of ciliate protozoan Blepharisma japonicum upon illumination. J. Exp.Biol. 210: 4213-4223.

Fabczak H., Fabczak S. (2006) Photosensory transduction in unicellular eukaryotes. A comparison between ciliate protists and photoreceptor cells of higher organisms (Invited review). J.Photochem. Photobiol. 83: 163-171.

Grajkowski W., Kubalski A., Koprowski P. (2005) Surface changes of the mechanosensitive channel MscS upon its activation, inactivation and closing. Biophys. J. 88: 3050-3059.


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Published at: 2007-11-22 10:39

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