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Laboratory of Biochemistry of Lipids

Sławomir PIKUŁA

Joanna BANDOROWICZ-PIKULA, Agnieszka STRZELECKA-KILISZEK, leksandra DABROWSKA (PhD student), Karolina Maria GORECKA (PhD student), Magdalena Malgorzata HAMCZYK (PhD student), Michalina KOSIOREK (PhD student), Paulina PODSZYWALOW-BARTNICKA (PhD student), Anna SEKRECKA (PhD student), Krzysztof SKOWRONEK, Małgorzata Eliza SZTOLSZTENER (PhD student), Tanuja TALUKDAR (PhD student), Cyril THOUVEREY (PhD student)

Research profile

Calcium homeostasis with special emphasis to calcium- and lipid-binding proteins, including mammalian and plant annexins; biomineralization; intracellular transport of cholesterol in norm and pathology; catecholamine secretion; signal transduction; transport of ions, metabolites and xenobiotics through biological membranes; ion channels formed by calcium- and membrane-binding proteins; nucleotides as intracellular messengers and their target proteins.

Current research activities

  • structure-function relationship within mammalian and plant multigene family of membrane- and calcium binding proteins, annexins; their intracellular distribution and participation in intracellular calcium signaling;

  • interactions of nucleotides with annexins purified from animal tissues or with recombinant proteins and effects of these interactions on intracellular calcium homeostasis and other annexin physiological functions, including signal transduction, vesicular transport, membrane dynamics, interaction of annexins with target proteins, participation in lipid metabolism, etc.;

  • ion channel properties of annexins with special focus on annexin-related human diseases, associated with impaired ion homeostasis, energy deficiency, non-physiological permeabilization of biological membranes to ions upon cytosol acidification, etc;

  • participation of annexins in transport of cholesterol and secretion of catecholamines;

  • participation of annexins in calcium-mediated cellular response to environmental stimuli using heterologous expression systems for annexins; role of annexins in growth and organ development in Arabidopsis thaliana – transgenic plant models;

  • factors affecting annexin and alkaline phosphatase functioning during matrix vesicles-mediated biological mineralization;

  • biochemistry of calcium signal generation and roles of annexins in Nod factor regulated symbiosis between legume plants and the soil bacteria (the rhizobia).

Selected publications

Strzelecka-Kiliszek A, Buszewska ME, Podszywalow-Bartnicka P, Pikula S, Otulak K, Buchet R, Bandorowicz-Pikula J (2007) Calcium- and pH-dependent localization of annexin A6 isoforms in Balb/3T3 fibroblasts reflecting their potential participation in vesicular transport. J. Cell. Biochem., in press.

Balcerzak M, Malinowska A, Thouverey C, Sekrecka A, Dadlez M, Buchet R, Pikula S (2008) Proteome analysis of matrix vesicles isolated from femurs of chicken embryo. Proteomics, 8: 192-205.


Gorecka KM, Thouverey C, Buchet R, Pikula S (2007) Potential role of annexin AnnAt1 from Arabidopsis thaliana in pH-mediated cellular response to environmental stimuli. Plant Cell Physiol. 48: 792-803.


Kirilenko A, Pikula S, Bandorowicz-Pikula J (2006) Effects of mutagenesis of W343 in human annexin A6 isoform 1 on its interaction with GTP: nucleotide-induced oligomer formation and ion channel activity. Biochemistry 45: 4965-4973.


Zhang L, Balcerzak M, Radisson J, Thouverey C, Pikula S, Azzar G, Buchet R (2005) Phosphodiesterase activity of alkaline phosphatase in ATP-initiated Ca2+ and phosphate deposition in isolated chicken matrix vesicles. J. Biol. Chem. 280: 37289-37296.

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Published at: 2008-04-17 11:02

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