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Learning causes remodeling of brain neuronal circuits. The work  proves that learning induces generation of inhibitory synapses on excitatory neurons in the cerebral cortex. New inhibitory synapses appear on dendritic spines bearing excitatory synapses. Increased inhibition during signal processing in the cortex may result in increased selectivity of neuronal response.

Malgorzata Jasinska, Ewa Siucinska, Anita Cybulska-Kłosowicz, Elzbieta Pyza, David N. Furness, Malgorzata Kossut, Stanislaw Glazewski (2010) Rapid, Learning-Induced Inhibitory Synaptogenesis in Murine Barrel Field. J. Neurosci. 2010; 30(3): 1176-1184


Isolation of well purified mitochondria and mitochondria associated membranes (MAM) from animal tissues and cell cultures.

Mariusz R Wieckowski, Carlotta Giorgi, Magdalena Lebiedzinska, Jerzy Duszynski and Paolo Pinton (2009) Isolation of mitochondria-associated membranes and mitochondria from animal tissues and cells. Nature Protoc. 2009; 4 (11): 1582-90.


The mitotic kinesin Ncd causes sliding of anti-parallel microtubules but statically crosslinks those that are parallel.

Fink G., Hajdo L., Skowronek K. J., Reuther C., Kasprzak A. A. and Diez S. (2009) The mitotic kinesin-14 Ncd drives directional microtubule–microtubule sliping. Nat. Cell Biol. 11, 717-723.


Novel mechanism of epileptogenesis involves action of extracellular proteolytic enzyme at the synapse.

Wilczynski G. M., Konopacki F. A., Wilczek E., Lasiecka Z., Gorlewicz A., Michaluk P., Wawrzyniak M., Malinowska M., Okulski P., Kolodziej L. R., Konopka W., Duniec K., Mioduszewska B., Nikolaev E., Walczak A., Owczarek D., Gorecki D. C., Zuschratter W., Ottersen O. P., Kaczmarek L.  (2008) Important role of matrix metalloproteinase 9 in epileptogenesis. J Cell Biol 180, 1021-1035.


Visual information processing requires synchronous activation of a specific set of several cortical areas. The paper by Wróbel et al. (2009) shows that the two bands of beta (12-30Hz) oscillatory activity might spread this activation along two separate cortical pathways ascribed to different visual functions.

Wróbel A, Ghazaryan A, Bekisz M, Bogdan W and Kamiński J (2007) Two streams of attention dependent beta activity in the striate recipient zone of cat's lateral posterior - pulvinar complex. J. Neurosci. 27, 2230-2240.

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Published at: 2009-12-15 12:53

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