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The Library was founded together with the Institute in the years of 1918–1920 as a result of combining the books in the biological departments of the Warsaw Scientific Society.

Nowadays the Library gathers books, periodicals, microfilms and old prints. The collection amounts 24 776 vol. of books, including doctoral theses, and 1 477 titles of periodicals (45 832 vol.). It currently receives 215 periodicals, including 108 as a foreign subscription. The Library exchanges 2 periodicals, published by the Nencki Institute, with 37 contractors, in this with 32 from abroad. The profile of the collection is connected with following science fields: Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Ethology, Neurobiology, Psychophysiology.

The Library collection consists of the traditional catalogues of books and periodicals, as well as the on-line ones for years 1976–2004. It uses many databases: Science Citation Index Expended, PubMed, Journal Citation Reports. Moreover some periodicals can be read in on-line version.

The Library is the largest one in Poland with respect to the biological literature, except for zoology and botany. It is open to scientists and students from all schools and institutes in the country.

The Nencki Institute Library is the member of Scientific Institutes Cooperation in Warsaw, which introduced the computer system – "Horizon".

For further information use e-mail: bibl@nencki.gov.pl

See the Library catalogue.

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Published at: 2007-03-03 21:50

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