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EU Centre of Excellence In Neurobiology
Nencki Institute is the home of the EU Centre of Excellence in Neurobiology, supported between 2003 and 2005 by an EC-funded BRAINS Project ( B ringing R esearch A dvances I n N eurobiology to S ociety) . The main goal of the project was to integrate the Nencki Institute into the European Research Area. Therefore, the primary focus of project activities was on dissemination and exploitation of scientific expertise and know-how of the Institute and its international partners, serving the economic and social needs of integrated Europe .

National Centre of Excellence MIND – Brain and New Therapy Methods
Within the center a specialized laboratory tools for Early Diagnosis of Dyslexia and Neurodegenerative Disorders were developed. The main objective of the project was to create a modern centre developing diagnostic methods and therapies of human cognitive function disorders, especially of dyslexia and Alzheimer disease.

National Centre of Excellence BIOIMAGE – Visualization of Biological Processes
BIOIMAGE is a national Centre of Excellence in visualization of biological processes at three levels of organization of living matter: molecular, cellular and tissular.
Apart from scientific goals, the Centre focuses on multidisciplinary collaboration with leading European research institutions of similar scientific profiles within the “Life and Health” priority area.

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