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Popularization of Science  

The idea of Warsaw Science Festival was brought up in September 1996. It began with 72 meetings organized within 2 days by 44 research institutes and organizations. For 10 years the project has developed significantly. The 10th jubilee Festival in 2006 included 500 meetings and 200 seminars held within 10 days. The activities were proposed by over a 100 research institutes.

The Nencki Institute has been involved in organization of the Festival from the very beginning. We are also preparing ourselves to take part in the 2009 edition.

Some of the Festival program items stay invariable, i.e. “Clubs and discussions” (lectures), “Weekend meetings” and “Festival lessons”. The “Clubs and discussions” are afternoon lectures open to the public. ‘“Weekend meetings” are lab presentations with a limited number of participants. These are presentations only or presentations accompanied by lectures. “Festival lessons” are held on weekdays. Their participants are mainly primary or secondary school students. A festival lesson is usually composed of a lecture and presentations or experiments in which pupils participate actively. Sometimes it is only a lecture, but a richly illustrated one.

In 2006, for the first time ever, the “Researcher’s night” was organized during the Festival.
The night was co-funded by the European Union. On the same night in many European countries scientists met with the public to explain their work and describe their environment, but also to prove that they are no weirdos locked in the ivory tower and they have their own lives, families or hobbies. Scientists are humans. They differ in terms of personality, interests and dreams but their common passion is the passion for learning. 

PhD students from the Nencki Institute organized a happening called ‘PhD is a human too’. Its participants had the possibility to familiarize themselves with the ‘science museum’ exhibits, methods of folding a parachute. They also visited the cooking area and listened to a presentation on extreme sports. All these activities were accompanied by the sound of drums and guitars. At the same time various scientific lectures and meetings were also organized.

The way the Festival was prepared and presented last year  was highly evaluated and appreciated in Brussels. The European Commission granted some funds for the 2007 edition of the “Researcher’s night”.

The items organized in 2007 by scientists and PhD students from the Nencki Institute encountered the audience interest again and found warm acceptance. The frequency of visitors during the ‘Researcher’s night’ overstepped the bounds of expectations.

Again, as every year, we took part in the XII edition of the Science Festival in 2008. Due to the building repairs at the Nencki Institute only 4 lectures were held at the International Centre of Biocybernetics. All of them were very highly appreciated by the audience members. In 2009 we will return to the previous participation formula.

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Published at: 2008-10-10 14:23

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