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Popularization of Science  

Polish Children’s Fund is an independent, non-governmental organization established in May 1981. Fund's activities are based on co-operation with numerous higher educational establishments, research institutes, cultural establishments and other institutions, as well as individual academics willing to offer their time and experience and to work with particularly talented children. One of its major objectives is to help highly gifted pupils and students to pursue and develop their academic interests and artistic talents and to adjust the educational system in Poland to accommodate the special needs of highly gifted children. Every year the Fund’s scholars visit the Nencki Institute and participate in lab activities and research training. In 2007 we made a presentation of our Institute, its history and some of the laboratories.

In 2008 extended hospitality to Fund fellowship holders. They were very pleased and declared that widen their knowledge and, what was very important, could participate by themselves in many interesting experiments.

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Published at: 2008-07-04 14:23

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