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General Information

The Institute's mission is deeply rooted in its long history of excellence in basic scientific research, but it must be periodically revised in response to dynamically changing environment of scientific research and its economical and societal implications. Therefore at the beginning of the 21st century, termed by some "the age of biology", the Institute's mission and development strategy must be revaluated. The enclosed director's note sets the context for such re-evaluation process, which should involve all the stakeholders, starting with the Institute's research and support staff, and ending with the Institute's Scientific Council and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology is to excel in basic scientific research, maintaining the highest quality of scientific output in terms of created and disseminated knowledge, which can be applied in the context of wider societal needs to improve the quality of life.

The Institute aspires to fulfil its mission by investing in human capital, in modern technologies, and by stressing the importance of effective international collaboration.

Investment in human capital is realised by:

  • hiring the best young researchers,
  • providing the optimal environment for professional development from a PhD candidate to the full professor level,
  • offering competitive (on the national scale) salary and benefits to its scientific staff,
  • facilitating project management support and abundant international scientific exchange opportunities to researchers at all stages of their career.

Investment in modern technologies is realised by:

  • recent purchases of top quality equipment, such as the state-of-the-art Leica confocal microscopy unit,
  • modernization of the animal house facilities to meet all EU standards,
  • investment in Information and Communication Technologies (ITC), such as a videoconferencing centre with real-time video streaming capabilities or on-line document management systems,
  • plans to develop a modern neuro-informatics laboratory.

Increased effectiveness of international collaboration is reflected by:

  • establishment of the Office of International cooperation and Project Management,
  • two recently funded EU research projects within FP5, including the EU Centre of Excellence in Neurobiology,
  • participation in eight submitted projects within FP6 (two funded, three not funded, three pending evaluation),
  • hosting of major international conferences and workshops
  • increased bilateral collaboration (six jointly funded projects within the framework of Polish-German collaboration).

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Published at: 2007-03-01 20:23

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